Welcome to the EAHM Congress in Belfast 2017

We take this opportunity to welcome you to join us at the EAHM Congress in Belfast in 2017. We have chosen the theme ‘Leading the Future of Healthcare’. We believe that to meet the challenges facing health and social care managers across Europe and beyond – of rising demand, greater focus on quality, safety and experience, constrained resources – we need to work together.

In Northern Ireland we have a unique model of integrated health and social care underpinned by the values of the UK National Health Service – cradle to grave treatment and care available to all. Our population enjoys the benefits of a directly funded system, free at the point of delivery.

We want to take the opportunity to explore with our international colleagues how putting the individual at the centre we can ensure collaboration from policy to delivery, across hospital and community settings, between professional disciplines, every person playing their part, every day to manage resources effectively, challenge outmoded thinking, reduce bureaucracy and drive innovation for better outcomes.

The Institute of Healthcare Management, Northern Ireland


Person-centred – Every Minute, Every Day, Everyone

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Why Attend EAHM2017?

  • Meet and share learning with peers from across Europe and beyond
  • Hear fresh thinking on strategic and day to day challenges from international experts and senior healthcare leaders
  • See and experience the best of the NHS in fully integrated health and social care service with electronic record for a total population
  • Engage and debate in a unique setting for ideas, inspiration and innovation
  • Northern Ireland – the edge of Europe with international reach in medicine and management, science and technology, research and creativity